French Language

French Language

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Language is the most important tool to understand a culture, as P.H. Simon has claimed. ‘A language is a destiny, the instrument by which a nation’s personality is communicated, situates itself in history, and affirms its active and creative uniqueness’.
It is true that relation between language and culture is essential, without language there is no culture and without culture there is no language. The thing is, language is an attribute of culture that make it exists, by this way we can understand the purpose of French people to ‘invite” others to learn French, because for them is the only way to permit them show up at all, they can feel confident with his language to demonstrate who are they.

We can say that French language is a treasure, the spirit of France. French language is the most important possession of common people, that isn’t just French intellectuals who care about it, everyone talk about their language as if it were a person that deserve all the respect, French language is a woman that will be respectable forever, its emblems mystery. This is a signal of nationalism, as we can see, actually in the website of Franco phony, French language is a monument that is really closer with the personality of French people, you cant even imagine a typical French without talking about his language, food, wine and cheese, actually no other country really defend his nationalism through the language, it is not a stereotype, in real world, not only old people, is active in this topic, for everybody it reflects proud and honor.

Language is a national complex in France, French was one of the main tools solidify a common identity, but also it reflects that they are very protectionism with the language because they are scared to lose the culture, protect the language is a result of protect their culture, because through the history France has been a country with a lot of disparities and French people are scared about minorities, the...

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