French Paper - Cuisine

French Paper - Cuisine

California State University, Fullerton Dr. Jane Hall
Department of Economics Spring 2007

Economics 335 – Online International Economics – 2nd Writing Assignment

Due: Noon, Saturday February 24th .


The following article describes a nation at a crossroads – will the United States continue to pursue the expansion of free trade, or retreat behind barriers and limited trade agreements?


1. Read the article, then summarize and briefly explain the arguments on both sides, as expressed in the article.
2. Go to the CIA website and look at data on the US economy, particularly what we import and export, and the distribution of US workers within economic sectors.
3. Given information in the article, from the CIA website, and from the text, explain whether or not you think additional trade barriers (or at least not lowering barriers further) would make economic sense for the United States, explaining clearly what the results of barriers might be in contrast to further lowering barriers.


• Demonstrate an understanding of how barriers impact different groups, and the economy overall.
• Understand that there are trade-offs involved.
• Think about which sectors would want protection.

• Papers should be from 2-3 pages in length (double-spaced). Your paper must be clearly written, using standard and correct English grammar. Review Grammar Clues to avoid some of the most common errors.
• You may revise this assignment, and can earn up to ten additional points. You will have one week from when it is returned to send in the revised version.
• Do not use any sources other than the text and materials on the course Blackboard site. Cutting and pasting from any source is unacceptable, as is paraphrasing. You must demonstrate in your own words your comprehension and ability to synthesize material relevant...

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