Friar Tucker Intl

Friar Tucker Intl

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Mike Smith
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Global Communications Company is getting ready to implement their new strategic plan to outsource call center jobs to Ireland and India. The company’s key stakeholders are the employees Union, Stockholders, company employee and executive level employees. The plan will eliminate some positions while keeping some employees but cutting their salary. The company believes this is the best plan to keep the company in business and allowing profitability. Between the companies not consulting the key stakeholders and lack of communication of the process has stirred conflict.
This paper is intended to cover a wide range of topics including, a Situational Analysis describing the opportunities and challenges concerning this new plan. Tables will be included to describe the process behind developing challenges and opportunities, stakeholder perspectives concerning issues and values and end state goals. Conflicts were created by lack of communication and ethical dilemmas such as not consulting the key stakeholders. This paper will conclude with an analysis of what the key factor was in creating a gap between the current situation and end state goals. This paper is not intended to solve the problems Global Communications is facing but evaluate factors that lead to the problems.

Situation Analysis
Global Communications experienced many issues during the process to share their strategic plan for the company’s future. With every issue or challenge there is always an alternative option that could be implemented to achieve goal, called an opportunity. (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002). This section will provide challenges and opportunities for Global Communications pertaining to their strategic plan to outsource jobs to other countries.
The first challenge Global Communications endured is the lack of communications between executives and the Unions...

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