Frontend Supervisor

Frontend Supervisor

MKT 421

My name is Eric Boisseau. I currently enrolled at University of Phoenix in the Bachelor of Science for Business Administration. I will graduate in July 2015. I'm a former foster/adoptive worker. I have sereval outstanding awards including one from the City of Richmond, Virginia. I have earned my Associate degree in Business Adminsitration at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

My dream career has always wanted to be a business owner. I have always wanted to work for myself. When I first became a foster/adoptive parent back in 2008, I find what kind of business I wanted to open. I would love to open a group home working with at risk youth. By working with at risk youth, I feel that I will have a lot to give back to them. I was once an troubled at risk youth growing up. I want these youth to understand that no matter what you go through in life, you still can grow up and be somebody. I want them to know that they should not let their past hold them back from achieve their best.

The second business opportunity that I'm currently working on with my wife, is a concession business. We started a concession business a couple of years ago. The concession business is doing quite well. Every years we are currently adding new things to the business from a simple snocone machine to a moon bounce. We are also adding a items to the menu. This year we have added fried Oeros, and Chocolate covered strawberries.

The third business opportunity that I'm currently have is a Eric's Notary and Copying Services. I started this business at the beginning of this year. To my surprise, its doing good. Almost everyday I'm answering calls from someone needing something notarized and copied.

The business is where I work at currently. I currently work for Produce Source Partners in Ashland, Virginia as a Lead. There I worked as a order selector, then a forklift operate, and now I'm a lead. I am in charge...

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