Frost Design

Frost Design

Name/title of example: “Dungog Film Festival”
Type of design: Print advertisement
When and where it was published: It was published in the year 2009.
Was it screened or found in public? It was found in the town of Dungog. It is also advertised on the Frost Design Website

Designer/company: Vince Frost, Frost Design
Who made the example? Vince Frost
Summary about the designer/design company:
Vince Frost was originally from London and made the big move to Australia 3 years ago.

Frost Design was formed in November 1994. This company of 30 is a creative studio that has effectively achieved the connection of all mediums of art, commerce, design and advertising including TV Graphics, large way finding systems, exhibition design, fashion, books and magazines. Frost design is founded by Vince Frost in London and is now based on Sydney however there are also offices in London that also work for international clients. They have also won awards such as the 2009 Spirit of the Youth Award, the D&AD yellow pencils, golds from the New York Society of Publication Designers.
Size of the company and the type/range of design practice: Frost design is a studio of 30 people.

Characteristics that define it as an Australian design: “The illustration is cute, quirky and communicates the friendly character of this Australia country town.”

Is it made by an Australian designer/studio? This poster is made by an Australian Studio, Frost Design.
Is it an Australian visual style? The orange and yellow colours used in this poster are warm and present the colours of Australia (Red sand, desert and the outback). The cow symbolizes the stereotypical country and farming side of Australia.

Is the substantial content/message of the work about Australia?
This poster is dedicated to showcasing only Australian-made films. Therefore it takes a strong role in representing Australia. “Create an identity and the collateral for the 2009 celebration that would...

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