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-- important to be there on time and then I work and I make phone calls all day, I conduct interviews all day. Sometimes I take consultants out to lunch that are working for me currently and then I leave work at six o’clock so a pretty long day. I get home, I try to go to the gym as fast as possible before I don’t want to. I make dinner and then I sit for as long as possible before I have to go to sleep. So very busy, back to back days and if I don’t do something on time, I won’t do it. That’s pretty much it.

And do you tend to stay in on the weekday evenings?

Yeah, normally I do unless I have something for work. We go to user groups and kind of try to network after work sometimes so there’s that. aside from that I’m so busy with trying to keep up with my personal agenda of going to the gym or spending time with the dog or cooking because I cook a lot in my spare time. It’s a hobby of mine so normally I try to stay in or else I’m just useless the next day.

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