Frq Ap Government

Frq Ap Government

FRQ’s: 1988-2008



The United States Constitution has endured for more than two centuries as the
framework of government. However, the meaning of the Constitution has been
changed both by formal and informal methods.
a. Identify two formal methods for adding amendments to the Constitution.
b. Describe two informal methods that have been used to change the
meaning of the Constitution. Provide one specific example for each
informal method you described.
c. Explain why informal methods are used more often than the formal
amendment process


Analyze the effects of federalism on contemporary policy making in two of the
following areas.
a. Civil rights policy
b. Social welfare policy
c. Environmental policy
In your answer, include a brief definition of federalism and use specific examples
of its impact on policy making in the two areas you select.
Your essay should focus on the analysis of the contemporary political effects of
federalism and should not be a historical examination of the development of

(1997 )

Analyze whether federalism, over the last twenty- five years, has changed due to
the increase in federal mandates on state and local governments. In your essay,
identify one federal mandate and discuss each of the following with respect to the
mandate you have identified.
a. The objectives of the federal government in enacting the mandate
b. The impact on state and local government budget priorities as a result of
the mandate
c. The potential consequences of the removal of the mandate
Generalizing from your discussion in (a), (b), and (c), assess the impact of
increased federal mandates on federalism.)

The Constitution was an attempt to address problems of decentralization that were experienced under the Articles of Confederation.
a. List three problems of decentralized power that existed under the Articles
of Confederation. For each...

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