Fructokinase Deficiency

Fructokinase Deficiency

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Running head: FRUCTOSURIA

Essential Fructosuria: Fructokinase Deficiency
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Essential Fructosuria: Fructokinase Deficiency
The advancements and technicalities associated with life have become the very core in the evolution of different kinds of diseases. There are certain diseases that are formed due to the malfunctions of some of the organs in the body. On the other hand, there are other diseases that are manifested because of the degradation of the organs and their normal production of sugar and other components in the body. One of these is known as “Essential Fructosuria.”
Essential Fructosuria is defined as a metabolic disorder, considered to be inherited from family members who have a history of the said disease. The disorder is distinguished by the abnormal presence of fructose in the urine output of an individual. Fructokinase may also be attributed to the enzyme deficiency in the liver, which is needed for fructose glycogenesis. However, doctors should also be aware of misdiagnosis, for the presence of fructose in the urine and in the blood is a symptom associated with diabetes (National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc., September 17, 2007).
Essential Fructosuria also has numerous names. These include Hepatic Fructokinase Deficiency, Levulosuria, Ketohexokinase Deficiency, and Fructosuria (University Health Systems of Eastern California, 2005). Irrespective of how this disorder is known to many, what is important is it addresses on disorder with distinct symptoms. Fructosuria is a disease the is considered to have symptoms similar to those of diabetes mellitus. Fructosuria often involves vomiting, especially upon the intake of food containing sugar. Furthermore, this is also accompanied by nausea and cold sweat and even pallor, which may persist until the following day. In addition to this, jaundice also becomes evident as time passes by, with the thymol turbidity test...

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