Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Cancer

Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Cancer

Every mother believes that eating fruits and vegetables are good for you. But did she know it could prevent cancer. Bright Fruits and vegetables are known to prevent cancer, These bright fruits and vegetables have certain substances in them that helps to prevent it and keeps it from spreading.

Fruits and vegetables are known to prevent cancer. "Bright fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals , such as lypopene and anthocyanins" * says Anna" These substances are found only in certain plants, which helps your body prevent cancer, and fight diseases.

People who want to prevent cancer should eat food rich in lypopene and eat up to 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Eating bright vegetables and fruits ensures getting the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemiclas that this color group has to offer. "There are thousands of health promoting phytochemicals found in plants. Researchers are beginning to understand how they work to improve health, so it is necessary that you eat a wide variety of bright fruits and vegetables everyday to help prevent cancer, and fight diseases. By eating fruits and vegetables from different color groups, you will benefit from an unique array of phytochemical, as well as essential vitamins, minerals and fibers that each group of color has to offer alone and in combination. * says 5 A Day Campaigns"

"All fruits and vegetables contain flavones and flavonols, which is another substance that helps prevent cancer. You can find these flavonoids in berries, apples, and onions these. Have the highest level of flavonoids. The flavonoids act like vitamins, which are believed to help maintain healthy cell function. * says Melissa Wathen"

Bright fruits and vegetables like strawberries, raspberries, and beets contain substances like the ones...

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