Fuck !

Fuck !

Name : Nguy'.n Diệp Minh Nghĩa
Class : L5092G

Nowadays, people tend to pay more attention to their appearance due to the modern-living condition. Beauty makes them feel more confident and also contributes to their success. Beautiful people even get more successes than intelligent persons. This essay will look at several resons why beauty is more important than intelligence.

The main reason why beauty is more important than intelligence is that beautiful people have more advantages than others. Firstly, people tend to give preference to them. For instance, if there are two persons who are getting in an accident, the beautiful one will obviously be saved first. Furthermore, beauty can help people get a better future. In fact, lots of actors and actresses have been found because they attract the director by their beauty. In addition, people can have a happy life thanks to their beauty. Others will pay attention to them and they can also receive more helps than normal-looking persons. In summary, beauty can mostly decide one’s success.

Another reason why intelligence is less important than beauty is that beauty can help people feel more confident as well as help them easily get a good job. There are lots of jobs which require beauty as a prerequisite. Such as flight attendant, model, actor and actress. Moreover, beautiful people will be more confident in communication as well as easily get others’ affection and belief. On the other hand, some intelligent people are really nervous and they cannot do anything when standing in the stage because of ugly appearance. In brief, beauty makes people‘s life more significant and colourful.

In conclusion, beauty is an integral part of people’s life. It helps them have more advantages as well as preferences than other’s. Moreover, beautiful people are easy to have a happy life because they can receive many helps from other ones. In my opinion, beauty is an invaluable property of human being and quite important than...

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