Kids see her like their role model, she is very much like them, has a humble background. The kids and her have sense of belonging that they have things in common, and share the same pride.

People share traditionally cooked turtle meat. This implies that they share the belief, tradition, and the history.

Deborah Mailman said that she felt embarrassed to her ancestors for not throwing a boomerang properly. Deborah would felt it is bitter and distressed, because she has found something that makes her different from the Aboriginal people, a sense of isolation or disconnection, discordance to the identity as one of the indigenous culture.

“feel like my own people, own back yard.” “more like family”
“We felt protected and safe” even if they were strangers.
The reason they felt friendly as own people, backyard and family, even though they are at the first time to be there, is that the aboriginal people, Cathy and Deborah had essential things in common that bound them as comfortable and intimate. They have such strong sense of belonging because Aboriginal people have been struggled to preserve their original identity, belief and tradition, this bounded the Aboriginal people as one even though some people were absorbed to the European culture and some left in the bush.

Aboriginal music played as they saw the wall painting and close up to Cathy’s face showed the sympathizing grief the history, the pain of losing identity that her ancestors had gone through.

When Aboriginal kids dance about the place they came from, an Aboriginal music played and we hear people saying in the native language. This emphasizes the identity and belonging of the people. Close-up to Cathy and Deborah’s faces that showed grave countenance, that comes from respecting the importance of the belief, goal of life, pride they have in Aboriginal people’s heart and something never changes such as background, the past life since they were born.