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Fujitsu Global Sustainability Story

Sustainability Our Heritage Your Future

Shaping the future of sustainable ICT
Profitability and environmental impact are now inseparable drivers of business strategy

»Tomorrow’s business leaders will be leaders in sustainability; they will understand the vital importance of an integrated sustainability strategy to underpin profitability and environmental health.«
Alison Rowe, Global Executive Director Sustainability, Fujitsu

For a secure and prosperous future, decision makers must meet the needs of their enterprises and stakeholders today, while protecting the resources that will be required in the future. All organizations, be they private or public sector, should now be integrating sustainability into their strategic business models. The ability to measure and contain energy and resource use is essential if corporate and environmental costs are to be reduced throughout production and usage cycles. Identifying new business opportunities and realigning core functions to reduce carbon intensive activities must be a serious item on the agenda of every enterprise.


Global Action Clearly, current levels of resource use are unsustainable. According to the WWF Living Planet Report 20101, based on current consumption levels, we will need the equivalent of two planets by 2030. There is an emerging awareness of how seriously threatened the planet’s water systems, air quality and biodiversity are. There is a corresponding view that governments and industry should take responsibility for solving these global issues. Encouragingly, there is a growing proportion of the population willing to buy environmentally friendly products and services. The uptake of sustainable practices is accelerating across the corporate sphere, as world economies move to create carbon marketplaces and regulators introduce incentive schemes and emission reduction targets.

More than 30 countries currently operate carbon markets, with many...