Fulfilling Legal and Professional Responsibilities

Fulfilling Legal and Professional Responsibilities

Fulfilling Legal and Professional Responsibilities

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Page 3. Preamble

When it came to writing my third assignment, I felt more confident with my writing and was really excited to begin the assignment. I was motivated and eager to unpick the things I can amend in my practice in order to enable and support children’s learning more effectively.
I really enjoyed being able to work with groups of children as well as individuals and being able to watch my practice repeatedly. I was able to identify ways I could improve and some of the opportunities I had missed throughout my practice.
After analysing my videos, I researched what theories were available for me to link them to and why. I found this really interesting as I had never really thought about spontaneous play and how this links in to my daily practice a lot. As Characteristics of Effective Learning is something we use in my setting already, I felt as though this was a good course of action to use as we focus on the child individual needs and enabling the environment continuously.

Introduction to the assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to choose a family within the setting or I have had a previous experience with or currently supporting and to consider how I supported them through an experience that may have required legal help or me following my own legal responsibilities.
Throughout my setting, we have many policies and procedures we have to follow on a daily basis in order to keep children safe including daily risk assessments making sure the environment is safe at all times.

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