Fun Facts Costa Rica

Fun Facts Costa Rica

Fast Facts about…
! Costa Rica!

The Capital of Costa Rica is San Jose

- The official name of Costa Rica is La república de Costa Rica
- 51,100 sq. miles area coved
- Population- 4,133,884 people
- Languages Spoken- English & Spanish
- Currency- Costa Rican Colon

o More than 20,000 Americans have retirement home here
o Costa Rica has had no army since 1948
o 23% of the countries budget goes to Educational Funding
o 850 species of birds live in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a country of many fantastic & unique facts about the country it is. First, Costa Rica’s population is about 1/74 of the U.S’s population. Or about 303 million people! Second, they’re 7 volcanoes located in Costa Rica. One of its more well know ones is called the Arenal Volcano. Located in Northwestern Costa Rica it was the last of the 7 to erupt. It erupted on August 23, 2000; it killed 87 people and caused over $30,000,000 in damage to homes, buildings, and injuries.
Lastly, Costa Rica’s capital is San Jose located in about the middle of the country. It was founded in 1738 it was finally declared the capital of the country by Juan Mora Fernandez in 1824. So after this brief look onto some of the history of Costa Rica and some interesting facts you now know probably more than you did before you read this paragraph.

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