Function of Marketing Channel

Function of Marketing Channel

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What are the key functions of a marketing channel?

First at all, a marketing channel is a set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or services available to users. Usually, producers would establish marketing channels for a variety reasons, such as producers lack of financial resources necessary for direct market, direct marketing is not feasible for many offering, using channels free money for investment in main business or maybe intermediaries are more efficient.

In addition, the products been moved by the marketing channel members from producers, importers, and aggregators, among others, to end-consumes. This defeats the main time, place and ownership gaps that separate goods and services from those users. Marketing channel members perform a number of key functions, and commonly these key functions include eight different functions, which are information, promotion, contact, matching, negotiation, physical distribution, financing and risk taking.

Information mainly talked about to gather and to distribute the marketing research and intelligence to integrate information and interpret information about actors and forces in the marketing environment that needed for planning and aiding exchange. Next, promotion describes developing and disseminating convincing communications about the products that being offered to the users. Then, contact can be defined as finding the prospective buyers and communicating with them about an offer. Subsequently, matching including an activities like manufacturing, importing, grading, assembling and packaging. Simple to say, it means shaping and fitting the offer to the buyer’s needs. Besides, negotiation is the process of accomplishment an agreement on price and other terms of the offer so that ownership can be transferred. Furthermore, physical distribution describing store and move the physical products. And, financing can be defined as obtaining and using funds to...

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