Functions of Chief Executive Officer

Functions of Chief Executive Officer

The ethic groups have the culture and ideology. For instance, their mode of dressing is similar when compared

Chapter five

Effort of national integration: these are the method the government in power adopted to foster national (unity integration in Nigeria. The ways are:

1) National symbols: this is the symbol of a country to show the people that we are one. The symbols are: coat of arms, Nigerian flag that is green, white and green.
2) The new capital city, Abuja shows that there is unity in Nigeria because it is in the central part of Nigeria. Simply it is in the heart of Nigeria.
3) Constitution: - the simple constitution we are using in Nigeria show that the unity is in existence. No any of disintegration.
4) The introduction of (NYSC) National Youth Service Crops promotes interaction because the corpers are always posted to any part in the country so as to promote interaction with other tribes. For instance Ibo can be posted to Oyo state.
5) Introduction f unity schools also aids unity schools were located in few states and the student once admitted there will exhibit a sort of social interaction with his mates. Even when the schools Hausa can be a friend to Yoruba because of there interactions in the school. In any case this promotes unity.
6) Federal high ways: - this is the linking of important towns and cities to one another. They have regular link with one another
7) Introduction of sports and game: - when the schools and clubs of various ethnic groups splay together, there will be more unity because they will be interacting with themselves. For instance, Hausa plays with Ibo and Yoruba plays with Ibo or Igbo.
8) Nigeria introduces FESTEC where individual ethnic tribe exhibited her culture. Such as FESTEC 77 which brings us together as a sign of unity.
9) Integration can be possible if Nigeria regardless of their geographical, ethnic, social, religion, economic and political...

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