Fundamentals of Computers

Fundamentals of Computers

Understanding computers did not come naturally to me. Consequently, I have always had a hard time making sense of the assignments I have been given. The strongest thread that I can find in all of the readings and sites is that computers have gotten much more efficient, allowing them to process greater quantities of information in smaller packages and in shorter time frames. The first personal computers used floppy discs, which could not hold much information and had small memory capacities. During my years in high school, the capacity for computers and applications changed rapidly. Floppy disc sizes changed and their memory capacity increased. Computers also became more user friendly. .My computer’s specs are:

Intel processor core 2 duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz.

RAM is 3.00GB.

Input and output devices are my screen, keyboard, and speakers.

Storage devices are USB, DVD-RW, and hard drive. My computer is new and has up-to-date accessories installed. Initially, I thought that I would use my system for school. This would allow me to work at multiple locations on my work. I find that its parameters meet my needs, but do not exceed them. I have access to the internet through Wi-Fi. Most of my work is done on MS Word. Larger, state-of-the-art systems are faster than PC’s. They have extensive memory and storage capabilities. These types of systems are used in research, university settings, and for programs, such as NASA. I would enjoy seeing these type of advanced systems demonstrated, even though they are not for common use and I am not too good with computers.

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