Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing

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TaShara Stovall
Fundamentals of Marketing
Kristen Hanlon
11 Sept. 2011

TJ Maxx’s AIDA Process

TJ Maxx or better known as TJX is the largest leading off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the world. With that being said, the AIDA process has played a major role in marketing with TJX all together.

In course you’re wondering what AIDA mean, here’s a quick definition. The A is for Awareness. Bringing the brand to life. Allowing consumers to become aware of the brand being offered. The I is for Interest. It influences consumers to take interest in the brand and its products. The D is for Desire. At this point, the consumers want to know and learn more about the brand and products. The final process is A, which is for Action. Something has to happen now since the desire is there. There will most likely be a visit to the store to purchase the brand and product.

Now, since you know what AIDA mean and stand for, let me show you an example of how it works. Let’s say 25% (just threw a percentage out there) of consumers are already aware of the brands and products that TJX carry, the quality of the brands as well as the value, but 15% of consumers has not even been introduced to TJX at all. To make that happen, there could be a little mass media marketing that could promote that. First, TJX could advertise on television, maybe trade with a television station or two or partner with a local distributor to share the cost. TJX will budget and save as much money as they can and still get the word out effectively. Secondly, they could occupy radio slots or even post advertisements in newspapers to bring more awareness to the lacking 15%. So, the next time the ads or commercials are showcased, the 15% of the original 15% will then become interested. The advertisements, at first, probably won’t become a priority or a necessary need or want, but surely by the third time the advertisements are displayed, it will become a desire and 15% of the 2nd...

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