David C. Funder (Ph.D., Stanford University, 1979) is a psychology professor who has written a number of important textbooks and research articles pertaining to the field of personality psychology. Funder resides as the chair of the Psychology department at the University of California, Riverside. He used to be a past editor of the "Journal of Research and Personality", as well as being a former secondary editor of the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology". Professor Funder has been praised for his studies on personality judgment. He had also published research over the attribution theory and the "delay of gratification".


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1.1 Researching Personality judgment
1.2 Researching the "Delay of Gratification"
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Researching Personality judgment

Professor Funder has worked with Professor Maynard C. Krueger researching over personality judgments. Their work attained to trying to decipher which variables and factors result in either accurate or inaccurate personality judgment’s made from psychologists and "every day people". The experiment of their research consisted of the two Professors retrieving self analyzed information about the patients, judgments created from close acquaintances’ of the patients, and also recordings of the subject's behaviour using taped cameras. This research lead to the understanding that: a "good Judge", a "good Target", a "good trait", and "good information" will lead to a more accurate personal judgement.[1] Much of this research follows a q-sort paradigm. The Riverside Accuracy Project describes the Riverside Situation Q-Sort and the Riverside Behavioral Q-Sort. [2]
Researching the "Delay of Gratification"

Professor David C. Funder has also experimented in the research of an idea known as the "delay of...