Funny Little Singers

Funny Little Singers


Watching these videos, we can see the innocence of their faces. They may be too young to be in front the audience but their personality is amazing. They are popular, cute, adorable, expressive, kind, polite and awesome. Here are two videos of two little boys. One is called “He wants to sing Nicky Minaj” by Ellen Show published on October, 2012. And the other one is called “Kai on Ellen sings Grenade by Bruno Mars” by Ellen Show published on June, 2013. In both videos the children sings but, their style are completely different. They make you laugh out loud and capture your feelings.

In the first Ellen Show video you can watch how the boy reacts in front of the camera. He is a little bit shy, unsure, nervous, but as the interview goes on he became more confident. He looks worried and he was crying because he wasn’t able to sing because of the bad words in the song and he said that he wants to sing a clean version of the song. When he started singing you can see that he is still being shy, but then Ellen tried to calm him down. However while he was singing you can hear that he has a good tone but not so expressive.

The boy in the second Ellen Show video, you can observe that this boy looks more comfortable as if he is already accustomed to be in a scenery, greeting the audience as he entered and he looks so confident of himself, he sings with gestures and he shows that he feels the song, he is graceful and polite, He has a good personality. You can also see that he tries to copy his Idol the way he dress and the way he expresses his feelings.

Two talented young boys are shown in these videos. In both you feel the innocence of the boys. One is shy and the other is confident. One expresses his feelings while the other is timid. Both likes music but with different musical genres. One likes pop music and the other rap.

Both videos shows different moods that make you exclaim “Oh they’re so cute… Adorable… and...

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