The 20th Century provided us with a great range of modern new furniture created by innovative and forward thinking designers and architects.

With the introduction of new materials, chrome, PVC, plastic, and exploring the use of existing furniture materials, laminating timber and steam bending timber lead to a very broad range of exciting new styles of chairs, tables and sofas never seen or thought of before.

These designers revolutionized the world of interior design and furniture and as a society, we have not looked back. Many of these classic furniture designs have stood the test of time and are still being specified for our homes and offices today. Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers of 20th Century Furniture Design

Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1900 – 1909

This was the beginning of the change in thinking of furniture design. The 20th Century saw many great changes in how we live and most definately on what we sat on.

Designers now had technology and the world at their feet, as well as the use of new materials to play around with and experiment, creating a name for themselves and cementing themselves in our history books. I am sure that you have all studied the work of the designers below, Charless Rennie Mackintosh with his Ingram Street Chair, Hill House Chair and Willow Chair designs and Frank Lloyd Wright who changed the way we live by opening up our homes with the open plan concept.

Read on to see the timeline in which these designs were created, it is an interesting read to compare the designers and look at the different styles that were being created in the same time period.

Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1910 – 1919

A time for change – 20th Century furniture definitely tells a great story of change and by viewing and comparing the designers and their pieces of now famous in world history furniture, you can see how finally designers were unleashed and creativity and innovation was the winner.

All these designers in this...

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