Furs for Everyone

Furs for Everyone

Animals are defined in nature to be organisms, which find and sustain equilibrium with their surroundings. A virus is a sickness that infiltrates a body, lives off it, slowly killing it until it’s gone. We humans are no longer animals; we’re a virus.

For thousands of years humans have inhabited earth living respecting and agreeing with the rules of nature. But over a century ago, the industrial revolution marked the beginning of the earth’s destruction. As the future generation of this earth we must spearhead the operation to protect the land we love and will always love.

How can we do this? Politicians have been arguing for years about what we can and can’t do. I myself could list a dozen right now but instead I chose to speak to you about one. For environments sake this winter, buy a fur coat over synthetic.

Many of you probably received the wrong impression from my topic. I do not hate animals; I am strongly against hunting as a sport. In fact I have a dog named Sote, and if anything were to happen, I would be devastated. I love animals, and what must be understood is the direct link between animals and the environment. It is the purpose of this speech to educate, to explain why some animals must be sacrificed to save the rest of them. It is my love for animals that has driven this speech, and it is our nations love for animals that could change the world.

Canadian furs must be retrieved safely and humanely. The key word here is humane. What is humane? Is humane when a group of fox hit a booming population and run out of food resulting in massive starvation and death? Natural, but it’s certainly not humane. In nature to control population there must always be predators. If a wolf sinks its teeth into a deer and kills it, is there a problem? Is anyone complaining? Mother nature has made it so there are always predators; this time it happens to be us. But we humans are a loving and caring species who would never torture an animal; most of...

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