Future Plan

Future Plan

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U.S. Economic Sanctions on Burma

Burma was ruled by immoral military over four decades. The most significant action of the military was 1988. When people were expressing their feeling in the demonstration, the military had cracked down demonstrators brutally. This event made U.S. to recognize Burmese military as a tyranny government and impose more economic sanctions on Burma. These sanctions intended to help political changes in Burma. As a result, the U.S. economic sanctions on Burma have affected both Burmese citizen and the Burmese military (SPDC) as well as American companies.

Perhaps the most effected by the U.S. economic sanctions on Burma are people who trade and do business with American. As many of the business in Burma have pointed out that the sanctions main victims are the Burmese people themselves and businessmen. These people have to give up the chance to make money even though they don't want because American investments bring higher wages, new technology, and Western style labor practice to workers in Burma. According to Clive Parker report that if you ask Burmese people inside the country, a greater percentage of them will say they disagree with sanctions especially a tourism boycott. Because this boycott could harm or decrease their income. It is clear that the U.S. economic sanctions did not help social development in Burma.

The SPDC have also been negatively impacted from U.S. economic sanctions. The SPDC could not be able to buy the arm and equipment from the United State. Nyan Win, Burmese Foreign Minister addressed to the UN General Assembly in New York that sanctions are unwarranted and they are unfair and deprived the country of their right to development. Another affected SPDC is all the U.S. banks ban them to save money in the United State. All SPDC families list are on the U.S. banks. Nyan Win said "the unjust sanctions are revoked and the barriers removed, the sooner will the country be in a position to become the rice bowl...

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