Gabriel Ramos

Gabriel Ramos

Gabriel Pereira Ramos
Global Warming
This term refers to the general increase in the earth’s temperature. That is caused by the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This causes changes in climate patterns across the world.

Throughout its long history, our world has warmed and cooled time and again. Climate has changed when the planet receive more or less sunlight. But in the past century another fact has start to influence earth’s climate.

The humanity activities has emitted greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, so more of the energy emitted by the surface ends up absorbed by the atmosphere, because the greenhouse gases are able to capture energy. And more energy in the atmosphere the temperature rises.

The increase in the earth’s temperature is rising the strength of hurricanes, storms and drought around the world. What is very harmful for the humanity. Over the last years many natural disaster could be avoid if we were already trying to control the Global Warming.

Therefore we need to decrease the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. If we replace the use of fossil fuels to renewal fuels would help decrease greenhouse gases because in the fabrication of renewal fuels happens capture of those gases. Is helpful put catalysts in the cars to reduce more the emission, the same for industrial chimneys.

Avoid using thermoelectric for power generation, and use instead hydropower, solar plants and others clean energy. Recycling is a good mode to contribute too. Subways and bicycles are the clean transportations.
In the photosynthesis of trees they capture greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere what helps decrease the Global Warming, but in case that tree burn it releases all greenhouse gases accumulated. So the deforestation have to be totally prohibited, if the burn happens by natural disaster is the human responsibility replant these trees. And in areas that are already deforested we should plant trees.

Waste of natural resource...

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