Gamestop, Jc Penny and Burger King

Gamestop, Jc Penny and Burger King

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The three companies I have chosen are GameStop, JC Penny, and Burger King. GameStop is a videogame store which sells videogames and videogame accessories. JC Penny is a department store that sells clothes, electronics, furniture for the home and office. Burger King is a fast food chain that sells a variety of foods.

The employees are organized in different ways, because they have different types of jobs that perform different type of functions. However they are the same because they all assist and serve customers. GameStop assists customers with videogames and videogame accessories and serve the customers so they are received the best product. JC Penny assists customers in the store with there different products and serve customers so they are receiving the best product. Burger King assists customers as well and serves customers as part of a fast food restaurant. All three companies each put the customer first.

Operations and materials management are some of the most important and interesting functional activities that take place within a company. The main kinds of OMM costs companies have are Raw Materials and Components Costs, Plant Costs, Labor Costs, and Inventor Costs Distribution Costs. Inputs such as raw materials and component parts comprise a significant percentage of companies’ total operating costs, particularly companies that makes physical products such as cars, aircraft, aluminum cans, computers, furniture, or hamburgers. A firm’s materials management function is responsible for finding companies that supply high quality, low-cost raw materials and components. Plant costs, the cost of the machinery, computers, tools, buildings, and equipment needed to transform inputs into finished products is the second component of OMM costs. The labor costs involved in making or providing goods and services are a third component of operating costs. For many companies, particularly service companies, labor is their biggest cost. The cost of labor is a...

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