Gaming Wearable Technology Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Industry 2014

Gaming Wearable Technology Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Industry 2014

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Gaming Wearable Technology Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Industry, Report and Forecasts 2014

Report Overview

ResearchBeam adds "Wearable Technology in Gaming 2014". The report on the Wearable Technology in Gaming industry provides a clearer view on market trends and growth factors of the Wearable Technology in Gaming industry.

Wearable computing has a natural home in the world of gaming. Nintendo's Wii controller already has motion-sensors and it will not be long before more interactive gear, including clothing, become part of a video-game player's apparatus. Gaming in the future will be dominated by wearable devices that users can wear from head to foot.

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There will also be head pieces, vests, sleeves, gloves among others. While early virtual reality attempts such as the Nintendo's Virtual Boy failed to change the gaming world, wearable technologies with augmented reality will. The drivers of growth will be the expansion of the broadband industry, efficient hardware compatibility and the development of wireless gaming. Of course, continuing increase in disposable incomes will be instrumental in propelling growth.

Target Audience:

Augmented reality companies
Wireless device manufacturers
Wireless infrastructure providers
Consumer electronics companies
Wearable technology developers
Embedded computing companies
Regulatory bodies and governments
Wireless service providers of all types
Mobile marketing/commerce companies

Report Benefits

Gain foundation knowledge about wearable tech
Identify major players and offerings in wearable gaming
Identify the advantages of different gaming development platforms
Understand advantages and challenges of different devices in gaming
Learn about important usability and fitness for use issues for wearable gaming
Understand the market dynamics for gaming industry relative to wearable technology...

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