Gandhi - Leader

Gandhi - Leader

When u ask “ mirror mirror, who is the greatest leader in the world?” it will never give u a direct answer. It will give his leadership trait, so let find out who is this great leader. And we will call him the leader G.a hint is that he is a charismatic leader.
During the dark night under the domination of British, he is the one who stood up and said enough and also the one who lead Indian to independent day.

That is because of his unique vision for the Indian. That man, At a time when almost the entire colonial peoples of the world were engaged in armed struggle, decided to implement his vision of non-violent, non – cooperation struggle to end the war through peace and love. He had broke the tradition and proved that a true leader can fight with no weapons but with his thoughts and beliefs

If someone’s argument about Hitler is a great leader is based on he had tried to make the best thing for his for his people, his country, so I want to said that the leader G is a great leader because his vision is not only to free his people but also not to harm anybody else even his enemies.
(The result was not only the liberation of the Indian people but an increase in the moral resources of mankind.)
The leader G also can inspire and make influence on a whole India. Everyone decide to go after him because his love for the people of India was boundless, he wanted nothing more than to serve and help them. He went from village to village and visit more than 8000 farmers , concern for the education of each child, visit, shook hands once old men . His influence power also is came from he practiced what he said, he is the change he wanted to see in the world . For example he urged all Indians to wear khadi (cloth spun at home) as part of boycott of foreign-made products, so he spun his own clothes to wear.

He did not need to buy the affection of his countrymen. They gave it selflessly and without hesitation. In March, 1920, to fight against salt the British...

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