Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments

Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments

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Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments
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Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments
In today's world, corporations are looking for new methods of increasing profits. This increasingly means adopting more effective ways of completing the day to day tasks related to a company's mission. Intersect Investments Services (IIS) offers a service that has an important role in enabling businesses to become stronger. They do so by increasing business creditability. Frank Jeffers, IIS CEO, has decided to take a planned approach to provide a broad set of products and services. Jeffers plans to build multiple long term relationships with current and future consumers referred to as the "customer intimacy" model. This customer intimacy model will provide IIS with an opportunity to significantly increase sales goals and in return improve performance.
IIS's brand image will improve which will result in an increase in Wall Street's trust which will help the overall profit of the corporation. Implementing Jeffers's customer intimacy model will require Intersect Investments Services employees to adopt Frank's view of IIS's future. Although this transformation is radical and an innovative change for IIS, the executives must control the customer intimacy conversion. This is to ensure that the entire company is actively immersed in making the CEO's vision a reality (Day & Jung, 2000).
Jeffers has decided that the organizational restructuring required in required increasing the revenue targets must be completed within 12 months. This will not be an easy task due to the fact that numerous layoffs within this department. Lyn Chen's sales department is having issues with high employee turnover rates as well as a issues in adhering to the customer intimacy training program that has been put into place. There have been some disruption in communication throughout the company due...

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