Gardening 1


The benefits it can be endless.

Jesse Smith

Axia College of University of Phoenix
Professor. Heman M.O. Sweet II MA, M.Ed.

July, 20, 2008

Gardening 2

The benefits can be endless

Gardening, it can be exercise and so much more for everyone. There is wide range of different types and styles of gardening. Some examples are growing a vegetable garden, growing flowers and trees Etc. Knowing what your needs are, is the important thing to remember. Say, I live in the country. Whereas there are long hot summers. And I have available ground that is not being of any use for anything. Than it would make only sense that I could turn over the ground or rich soil. And use this most precious source of growth to grow food. Vegetables, lots, and lots of tomatoes, peppers, corn and the list just goes on. With today’s economy and the US being in a recession. More and more people are tuning over to “greener” ways.
May it be recycling, walking or riding a bike. It is an obvious choice to grow your own vegetables and or fruit. The savings can truly add up very quick. Food prices today have risen along with oil prices. Growing a garden can be hard work, but the end reward can be absolutely wonderful. After talking of growing vegetables. I would like to touch base on flower gardening. Ah, flowers, one of the gifts from Mother Nature. Bright and...