Garment Inspection

Garment Inspection

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Inspection is reference to the apparel industry can be defined as the visual examination or revise of raw materials ( fabric,Zipper,Threads,button,trims etc ) partially finished components of the garments and completely finished germents is relation to some standard specification or requirements as well as measuring the garments to check. If they meet the required measurement.

Objects Of inspection:
* Detection of defects
* Correcting the defects or defective garments as early as possible in the manufacturing process so that time & money are not wastes later

Final Inspection: Following inspection/audit is done to attain AQL (1.5/2.5/4.0 etc)
a) Process inspection: Garments are checked process wise in the finishing section to identify defects and pass only the passed garments.
b) Two hourly audits: Every after two-hours audit is done on finishing lot to attain AQL the required AQL.
c) Day’s final audit: At the end of the day accumulated lot of finished garments are statistically audited to attain required AQL.
d) Lot final audit: On completion of packing of one complete lot of garment, QA manager conduct statistical audit based on required AQL garments. Garments are offered for final inspection by buyer/clients for shipment only when these are through in this audit.
Point to be considered for final inspection:
* Packing list verity ( Quantity, color, size, packing)
* Inspection preparation ( sufficient space, sufficient light, inspection table, sufficient helping hand, packing list, measuring tape, arrow sticker, marker pen, high light pen, weight scale ,purchase order sheet, quality specification sheet ,measurement sheet, reference sample, pick glass, approval swatches)
* Carton checking ( quality of carton, quantity of carton, shipping marks)
* Record of defects non-conformances
* Measurement checking
* Defective sample draw for...

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