Gas Cars or Electric Cars

Gas Cars or Electric Cars

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1.) Should the current U.S immigration laws be enforced in the united states?
2.) Should a just government provide health care to its citizens?
3.) Should hand held electronic devices be allowed while driving vehicles?
4.) Should the U.S consider a back up fuel source?
5.) Is animal testing humane?
6.) Should the free school breakfast program be changed?
7.) Should the government ban smoking in public?
8.) Should the government allow NASA private fundings?
9.) Should social security be privatized?
10.) Should junk food be banned from public schools?
11.) Should public schools and libraries continue to use filtering on their computers?
12.) Should Marijuana be legalized for medicinal purposes only?
13.) Should the "No Child left Behind act" be repealed?"

"Gas Cars or Electric Cars (hybrid)
Gobal Warming, is it real or imagined
Zoos, the pros and cons
Immigration, good for US or bad for US
Prisons, Do we pamper criminals or treat them inhumane
Poverty, is the Government doing enough for the prople
Urban Living vs Suburb Living
Do Criminals who are celebrities side step the Law Easier
than Common People (OJ, Robert Blake,)
Hate vs Love
Are we doing enough to save our Planet?"

" 2002-2003 Topics: Inland Valley Debate League
Cellular phones should be allowed in schools.
The United States should significantly increase space exploration.
Television is a bad influence.
The United States should invade Iraq.
The United States should lower the voting age.
Torture is justified for national security.
Junk food should be banned in schools.
State lotteries should be ended.
School should be year-round.
The United States should eliminate its own weapons of mass destruction.
Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful.
Schools should not use standardized testing.
Human cloning should be permitted in the United States.
The United States should ban the death penalty.
Schools should not support competitive interscholastic sports.

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