Gattaca Report Murder

Gattaca Report Murder

Report: Murder of mission director 19/01/2039

On the date of 19th of the January 2039 the mission director at Gattaca was murdered. It seems that he was beaten to death with his own key board brutally. It is unknown who has committed the murder to this point in time but we have several leads that could be the murderer or that could lead us to him. We are under the impression that the mission director was not loved by everyone at Gattaca, therefore there are many motives for people here.

The main lead we have is an in-valids eye lash that we have found at the scene of the crime. His eye lash was found less then 10 metres away from the scene. This in-valid we now that he used to work at Gattaca as a cleaner. The only issue with this lead is that why would a cleaner who never new the mission director, come back and kill him without even knowing him? There are many wholes is this lead but it’s the only lead we have.

The only suspect we have at this point in time is an in-valid. He has gone rouge and has not been seen for a about a year now. We don’t have a motive for this suspect yet but it is the only lead and suspect we have.

No one at Gattaca saw the murder only the aftermath. We interviewed several people about the crime but no one was of use. The main idea we have gotten from talking to workers at Gattaca is that no one liked the director as such. He was against the plan to go to one of Jupiter’s moons and many people a Gattaca didn’t like this.

Our investigation is on going. We have one main lead and suspect and we have evidence that puts him at the scene of the crime. We still need to work out a motive for this suspect but we are sure there is one. This in-valid hopefully will not come up short and will catch the murderer. We will find this murderer, we will do daily checks on all workers, we will find where this in-valid lives if he is still alive, and of course the murder of one of...

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