Gay & Gray

Gay & Gray

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Gay & Gray
Woong Choi

“Are you a male or a female?” “Is it black or white?” Sometimes we need to let this ‘yes or no theory’ out of our system in order to find a true solution. Company pays for the insurance, employee doesn’t need to pay anything, and therefore, company gets the death benefit. At first, one could simply agree with the idea as an investment, however, there must be a second thought about the person who has the life insurance on. If the employee had not been hired, the company could not have had a contract of insurance. Meaning, there would be no investment existing if the worker weren’t there from the first place.

So, should the death benefit belong to the employee? Yes, or No isn’t the right answer. There must be a strict legislation to determine one’s work ability with some sort of level; once the level of the employee has been identified, the benefit of the insurance should be distributed in balance according to the level. Both employers and employee have the rights to deserve the benefits; companies DO deserve rights to have a compensation for unnoticed replacement and employee DOES have rights to claim for his ID at the same time.

Janitors Insurance explains how employers and companies have benefited themselves from other peoples’ or their own employees’ deaths. Economically, borrowing someone else’s name and paying his/her insurance could be a brilliant way to invest for the future. This book suggests that there should be some things that money cannot buy. And that civilized people should not play games with strangers’ lives. What a beautiful thought. However, we must admit that things have changed so rapidly, and that ‘money’ has been gaining more power through out the history. And now, 2013, the power of money has become too powerful that we have to study a book called ‘What money can’t buy’ Perhaps in 20 or 30 years, there is going to be nothing left that money can’t buy.

Moreover, we must prepare for the...

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