Gbs 151

Gbs 151

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Graded assessment:L-7 CASE STUDY

In your textbook, on pages 423 and 424, read the Case for Critical Thinking: Can Levi Strauss Recover from Its Fashion Faux Pas? Do not answer the questions at the end of the case. Answer the following questions in a short essay format. You will have to refer to prior lessons to answer some of the questions. Be sure to support your answers with references to the book.

Describe the marketing concept and the selling concept. Identify what Levi Strauss has been doing since the company began in the 19th century through today. Have they been following a marketing concept or a selling concept? Describe how the concept that has been followed at different times during their history has affected the company's success or failures. Finally, describe how the concept that was being used changed over time and whether it was a good change or a poor one.
Describe the strategic planning process. Now, describe how following each step of a good strategic planning process could have helped Levi Strauss make some different decisions from 1990 through today. (Chapter 7)
List the elements of the marketing mix. Select one of those elements and describe in detail how Levi Strauss failed to consider it, and make a recommendation for what they could have done differently to consider it.

On page 511 of your text under the Questions for Application section, answer question 13. Note that this is an integrated question, meaning that some information and support for your answer can be found in previous lessons. This answer should be one page long. Be sure to use the short-essay format described in your syllabus and refer to the grading matrix to prepare the assignment. (20 points)

Under the Practice Your Knowledge section on page 511 of your textbook, read the Handling Difficult Situations on the Job: Extolling a Better Way to Buy Insurance scenario and respond to the questions in the Your Task section. (40 points) This assignment...

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