Gd Topics

Gd Topics

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Indian economy is old wine in new wine! Politics is run by the barrel of gun.
Retirement age for politics.
Sensex - Hype or Real.
. Delhi - Rape capital of India.
Moral Policing
Media - Too much of a free hand?. Disinvestment - Would it go through this year? I 1.How to deal with international terrorism.
2.Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?
3.Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts? Pakistan : a victim or exporter of Terrorism ?

Impact of Global Recession on India ?

5)How to deal with international terrorism? 6)Is the huge population a boon or bane for India? 7)The US dollar is no longer a stable currency? 8)Managers are born not made? 9)Reservation in education system in India -good or bad? 10)Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy.? {text:change-start} What India needs is a Dictatorship. {text:change-end} {text:change-start} {text:change-start} 12 {text:change-end} {text:change-start} )Democracy {text:change-end} {text:change-start} is hampering India progress {text:change-end} {text:change-start} {text:change-start} 13 {text:change-end} {text:change-start} )Where {text:change-end} {text:change-start} money talks merit remain silent? {text:change-end} {text:change-start} {text:change-start} 14 {text:change-end} {text:change-start} )How {text:change-end} {text:change-start} to deal with international terrorism? {text:change-end} {text:change-start} {text:change-start} 15 {text:change-end} {text:change-start} )Examinations {text:change-end} {text:change-start} are killing education? {text:change-end} {text:change-start} {text:change-start} )Should {text:change-end} {text:change-start} businessmen run the finance ministry? {text:change-end} Implications of Barack Obama for India ? Globalization vs. Protectionism?

Are Morality and Business Opposites ?

Reservation of Women in Parliament

Election today has...

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