Genetic Engineering

Since the day scientists have discovered how to introduce a single gene into another organism, science has changed the way we think, act and feel. Great things can occur, disease free plants, more milk production, etc, the thoughts are endless. Genetic engineering has already changed the world; the unthinkable has become possible. With the constant change of modern technology, scientists are always redoing experiments that follow a long boring report. Once upon a time choosing your babies' sex was impossible and it was left to chance, but now they think they can make the "perfect child". Blonde hair, blue eyes, intelligence, beauty and even a happier child are just some of the possibilities. Finding the right gene or groups of genes responsible for each of the aspects is the first step.

However, the question really is, are we taking GE for granted? Are taking it too far, have we started to play god? All these questions have repeatedly come up. GE can be one of the best things that could ever happen to man- kind, but also the worst nightmare. Many scientists have answered these questions but when it comes down to it, they are all opinions. I truly believe that they are playing god or mastering the art of God- playing. I also believe that creating the so-called perfect child is merely wrong, making a baby in a lab rather in a women womb is distressing and implying that leaving your child to chance and how God wanted to create children is not good enough! I mean, what are we achieving by doing this other then helping hungry, selfish parents fulfill their dreams!

The fact remains that when the subject leaves the lab, its reaction with the foreign environment is unknown. There could be a gene trait missing or it is amplified which causes mayhem. This unknown outcome excites many scientists but to others it scares the living day- lights out of them. It may be a success in the lab, but when it is out in the wild, the...

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