Ge1401 Tc1 Causalanalysisessay

Ge1401 Tc1 Causalanalysisessay

Tam Ka Ming
TC 1
Whatsapp—Teenagers’ manipulator

Nowadays, the majority of teenagers around the globe tend to communicate with one another using Whatsapp, whenever at work, or even having meal. No one can deny the convenience of this new communication tool; however, it has several problems caused. When we rely on texting, the relationship between people seems to get closer as we can chat anytime, anywhere and anything; but, at the same time, it distance each other when we do not get our emotions expressed and fewer chances to hang out with others. To prevent such situation from getting worse, it is high time for us to discover why people tend to text with phones rather than verbal chatting.

To commence with, Whatsapp provides sense of identification. When friends and relatives start using Whatsapp to exchange messages and communicate, we tend to follow such behavior in order to keep close in touch with them. Think about it, if you are chatting with a group of friends which every one of them get a Whatsapp app but you do not, they have chatted a lot in Whatsapp group but you know nothing about it at all, how would you feel? Bored, isolated, depressed. With Whatsapp, we can gain acceptance and recognition from peers to prevent from being ignored.

Besides, using Whatsapp is convenient as I mentioned before. We can chat without a bound of district. Whatsapp is unrestricted by geographical locations. With a click of a button in the Smartphone, our messages can be sent to every part of the world within seconds. Apart from the fact that we can used whenever we want, there are various of functions in Whatsapp, including texting, group chatting and sharing pictures and videos which are all free of charge.

On the other hand, Whatsapp offer us a comfort zone, like most of the indirect communicating tools. It can be used to share messages from the deepest of our heart with others which we may feel embarrassed if we talk about it...