gear accountability

gear accountability

Transcript of Gear Accountability

Gear Accountability
Results of not having Gear Accountability
The equipment we use and the PPE we wear is not cheap, if you misplace or lose anything it will take a toll on your pay check. As stated before, our gear is very important in our job field, missing any equipment makes our job that much more dangerous. Losing gear also makes the person without gear accountability look bad and will most likely lose some trust with his/her fellow firefighters.
Steps to Ensure Gear Accountability
Always be prepared. Make sure you have everything you need before doing anything else, because we never know when an emergency could occur. After the emergency, before entering the truck, ensure that everyone in your crew has their equipment, so none of it gets left behind. When arriving back in the firehouse also make sure that you have everything you left with. Better safe than sorry.
The Importance
Our job is a very dangerous occupation and without having the proper equipment it could end up as a deadly mistake. If we are missing any tools or extrication equipment that puts other people's lives in danger as well.
Gear accountability is looking after not only your gear and making sure you have everything you need, but it is also ensuring that your fellow fire fighters have everything that they need to get the job done.
Boots do amazing things. They aren’t particularly positive in their implications, but they do amazing things nonetheless. When I was at SOI, I remember seeing my “libo-buddy” lose his flak jacket on a 5k hump from the barracks to the range. There were hundreds of Marines, safety vehicles, Staff NCO’s, officers, and somehow this guy lost his entire flak jacket during the movement. He wasn’t in the rear either, he was in the middle of the formation. I’ll admit–like any Marine–I have lost my fair share of random shit, but never anything like this.

It’s magic.

Pure sorcery.

I once had a boot I was...

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