Gen 105 Mastering a Skill

Gen 105 Mastering a Skill

People Skills

Something I think all people every where should master would be proper people skills. Too many people figure that just being able to speak, to be able to tell someone what it is that is wanted, is good enough. As long as they get what they want no one else’s position is important. Why should they waste their time learning to better develop this skill. I have seen many people content with treating others very poorly during day-to-day activities. Yelling, Cursing, and a general disregard for other people might seem to them as acceptable. I believe they are just holding themselves back.

What is one thing that people who seem to have it all have in common? They all have a good grasp on communication skills. Author Robert Bolton stated in his book “People Skills” that “80% of the people who fail at work do so for one reason: They do not relate well to other people”. I have seen it at almost all jobs I have worked at my self. Someone takes what someone else said in the wrong context and ends up quitting their over it. Poor communication is a large reason some people leave their jobs and can cause a reduction in productivity and dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Building better people skills is vital to having success in a career. No matter how much technical skills are improved, the big promotions will be had by those that also have exceptional people skills. Being able to influence peers and open them up to new ideas will make it easier to convince someone to understand or accept different views. Individuals must be prepared for rejection and criticism and not be afraid to change. Adapt and remain a team player. Maintain a positive work environment and clear communication channels. This will cause superiors to hold employees in high regard. Projecting confidence leads to others becoming confident in one’s abilities. Then the opportunities to work on more important projects will be presented.

To get the important projects...

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