GEN 480 Ethics Awareness Inventory

GEN 480 Ethics Awareness Inventory

GEN 480 Ethics Awareness Inventory
By Shandra Spear
November 4, 2004
Terry Dunning

According to the survey, I base my ethical perspective most on Obligation, and least on Equity. This is as I expected. I feel mankind has an obligation to do what is universally right regardless of society as a whole. This paper will analyze the results of my ethical awareness inventory and discuss how my ethical perspective influences my decision making and conflict resolution.

Ethical Awareness Inventory

I feel that the intent of ones actions is more important than the results. Adhering to ethical principals is more important than the disasters that may result from such perseverance. Imagine you are equal friends with another couple and one divulges infidelity to you, swearing you to secrecy. You have an obligation to refuse to keep this damaging secret, regardless of the shame or embarrassment you may cause your friend. I believe that ethical awareness is inherent in everyone and that there are few valid excuses to be made for acting inappropriately.
I feel that modern culture or mainstream society should not affect ethics. Mankind is instilled with right and wrong which manifests itself as a feeling. This feeling cannot be ignored when it influences conscious thought. It is blatant ignorance that disregards that inner voice that is our conscience.
The youth are especially susceptible to pop culture which often ignores ethical concepts. These youth have a great influence over each other and poor character traits can ripple though the group. "Santa Clara University faculty had that ripple effect in mind this summer when they inaugurated Leadership Through Ethical Action and Decision Making (LEAD)" (Issues in Ethics, 1997). The purpose of LEAD is to educate teachers on ethical issues and train them to increase ethical awareness in students which is an excellent way to improve society.

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