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Medical Marijuana 1


Medical Marijuana

Kenny Power

Excelsior College

Medical Marijuana 2


In an extension of research demonstrating Medical Marijuana effect of medical use

in a Medical setting, the present study examines the benefits and effect of Medical

Marijuana use on cancer patient and the benefits of Marijuana on stopping

Cancerous tumors, even Marijuana still illegal on the United States research has

shown a great benefit for terminal ill and patient who suffer from acute pain for

several reason, Cancer and tumors. Recommendations for research in this new area of

study center on Medical Marijuana issues, including the identification of additional

dependent measures.

Marijuana when used in the medical sense is beneficial to not only the patient’s health

but to their financial status as well. In this report you’ll see many reasons why we believe

this. Medical marijuana is used in many treatments. We are not obviously the only people

who believe this either. In the last 20 years, 36 states have passed some form of

legislation recognizing the medical value of marijuana. In 1996, voters in both Arizona

and California passed laws allowing the medical use of marijuana. In 1998 Alaska,

Washington and Oregon passed medical use marijuana laws, and in 1999 Maine passed a

similar law (Grinspoon, 5). The chronic effects of marijuana are of greater concern for

medical use and fall into two categories: the effects of chronic smoking, and the effects of

THC. Marijuana smoking is associated with abnormalities of cells lining the human

respiratory tract. Marijuana smoke, like tobacco smoke, is associated with increased risk
Medical Marijuana 3

of cancer, lung damage, and poor pregnancy outcomes. It is the most widely used illicit

drug, marijuana is predictably the first illicit drug most people Although studies all

suggest that marijuana...

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