Gender Issues

Gender Issues

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Advanced Critical Thinking (210)

Subject: Where do we have from our vision of gender issues? How stereotypes about gender differences can actually influence our character and relation ship with the opposite sex later in life?

Do you think a mother carries her baby in the same way if it’s a boy or a girl? Do you think teachers act and grade their students of both sexes equally? Do you think girls and boys have the same mental abilities and physical skills? It’s scientifically proved that not! And I’ll develop some of those points to show you that: gender’s inequalities begin from the first day of existence of a person. Mothers don’t hold their babies in the same way depending of it’s a girl or a boy. My point through this essay will be to understand and enumerate those differences in education or approach, boys and girls will meet during their childhood and adolescence. Then show the impact those experiences and lessons will have on their relation ship with the opposite sex later in life, and more generally their personal opinion and conception of gender issues. It’s commonly accepted that physically, emotionally and intellectually boys and girls differ in development. My first point here will be to understand how and when do they realize that and in which circumstances. To my mind and following certain researches, I’ll site later, I’ve found out that our ideas about gender issues in society come from our family at first and then from the education we received in school and university. The others sources of information as media, friend’s opinions only have a negligible power of influence.

Serious studies say that 80% of a person’s character will be build on between year zero to three. A very good explanation to that fact, most of people do integrate their family’s relation ship between men and women, as the normal ones. Here is the testimony of a young American woman, mother of two kids. “A few years ago my daughter came home upset over her grade....

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