Gender Perception Towards Each Other at Workplace

Gender Perception Towards Each Other at Workplace

S J Mehta School of Management
IIT Bombay

Project Report on:

Gender Issues: Gender perception towards each other at workplace

Organizational Behavior

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07927865 Arijit Majumdar
07927866 Satyakam Dutta
07927867 Amol Kalra


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Introduction 3
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Analysis 6
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‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, goes the saying. There are significant behavioral differences between them which may be very prominent in their workplaces and can have adverse affect on their productivity as well as their style of work. The behavioral differences can also affect the functioning of the people with whom they are closely associated in their workplaces, their peers, colleagues and superiors. Thus a study of the problems, issues and concerns faced by people working with the opposite sex may help us find out certain behavioral patterns and preferences which may be useful in formulating measures in bridging the divide, if at all it exists.
Usually it is seen that there is a perception among people there exists a difference in style of working, behaviour at workplace etc amongst the two genders. Many studies of how men and women are perceived show them to be opposites. Women are seen as sentimental, submissive and superstitious where as men are seen as adventurous, forceful and independent. The acquisition of gender stereotypes starts at a very young age when a person starts observing its surroundings and is complete by adolescence. People are unaware of most of the...

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