gender race class

gender race class

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Women and Men and the Family Life Cycle


Complete the following chart and questionnaire:

Differences of Men and Women in the Changing Life Cycle

Female child age 12-18
Male child age 11-18
Role in the family
Taking care of the housework and children
Going out to work making a living
Evolving role within marriage in the last 30 years
Wife and mother figure housekeeper
Supporting the family by working an outside job
Motherhood or fatherhood
Giving birth to the child
Helping create the child
Opportunities impacted by gender
Becoming a good mother
Becoming a good father and hard worker

Select two families with which you are familiar (families in real life or families in television). The two families should have some variety in terms of race and class. For each family, draw a genogram. Refer to Ch. 5 of The Expanded Family Life Cycle for an example of a genogram.

Genogram of Family 1
Class/Lower-Working class
Education/High School education
Employment/Field Work

Genogram of Family 2
Class/high-Working class
Education/college grad

Answer the following questions:

How are the two families different in terms of race and class? One class is Mexican and Caucasian and were field workers. Class two is Irish, Indian and Mexican and they are in the medical field. Class two is a higher class then class one.

How do race and class impact each family’s access to opportunities in terms of education, career, life style, and so on? Both classes are educated in some form. One class are just high school grads and class two is high school and college grads. The college grads will have a better class of jobs to look into because they have higher education then the other class.

Select one...

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