Gendergap in Cyberspace 1

Gendergap in Cyberspace 1

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Gender gap in Cyberspace 1

Comparison and Contrast


Gender Gap in Cyberspace


Sherri Stokes

English 1020 WB -01

Instructor Dr. S. Wozniak

January 21, 2009

Gender Gap in Cyberspace 2
This essay is about differences in the way that men and women view the exact same things in life. The analogy here is the comparison to the computer and the way it is accepted by both men and women. We will look at the similarities of men, women and the use of the computer, how men and women communicate with each other, how both view the same exact thing differently,
Men, Women and the Use of the Computer
Men, Women and the Use of the Computer, the writer here points out the symbolism to herself and the computer. The same was realized about her friend Ralph. He was in love with the computer. Everything about the computer fascinated him. (Author Deborah Tannen; paragraph 1, pg. 630 Reasoning & Writing Well A Rhetoric, Research Guide, Reader, and Handbook 4th edition) She is not; it just serves her needs. Which are to write and to communicate through e-mail. (pg. 631)
In using the computer, both men and women become faceless to each other. There really is no way that either when communicating in e-mails or chat rooms really know for certain that one is communicating with a man or a woman unless one is identified by name.
Conversing through computer use is a way for open communication to happen freely. There is no fear in speaking one’s mind. You can agree or disagree comfortably without open rebuke. The airway of the internet world is clearly dominated by the male species. The female psyche is slowly taking up the rear. When they were “face-to-face he mumbled so,” (paragraph 2, pg. 631) about conversation occurring between colleagues Ralph and Deborah. It was like pulling teeth without anesthesia. Ralph would have very little to say, while Deborah chatted on. The use of the computer has had some effect on some...

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