Gene One: Generic Benchmarking

Gene One: Generic Benchmarking

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Generic Benchmarking: Gene One 1

Running head: Generic Benchmarking: Gene One

Generic Benchmarking: Gene One
Shenna Brown
University of Phoenix

Generic Benchmarking: Gene One 2

Generic Benchmarking: Gene One

Because of sharp rising indices on Wall Street and changes in the leadership at the Food and Drug Administration, indicate a growing interest that has enhanced investor interest in biotechnology. In order to keep pace with demand and realize growth by 40%, Gene One and his Board has decided that going public within three years is the only way they will be able to accomplish their goals. They also want to implement this plan in order to establish the company as a strong competitor in the biotechnology industry and to show Wall Street that Gene One has strong leadership and organizational skills that will help them be successful as a public company. (Gene One, wk2 Scenario)

Gene One has been in the biotechnology industry for eight years. They have managed to take a company from a $2 million company to a $400million in such a short time. The company needs IPO capital for the purposes of advertisement, marketing and developing new products if they want to remain a success. The problem is, no one on their leadership team has any knowledge of IPOs. The CEO arranged for a two day off-site meeting for the team to come up with ideas on how they can proceed with their plans. Two days is not enough time to devise a plan that will work for the company. The CEO recognizes the fact that they lack the knowledge to carry out this business in the public sector but has not instituted ways for himself along with the team to gain more knowledge about IPOs. A team is only as strong as its leader. If you have a weak leader more than likely one will have a weak team. (Gene One, wk2 Scenario)

Gene One has many issues to overcome before they can become a public company. They have major conflicts going on with their leadership board....

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