General Mills

General Mills

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General Mills

“General Mills markets U.S. Products through outlets such as a grocery stores, natural food chains and mass merchandisers” –General Mills Website

General Mills can be traced back to the Minneapolis Milling Company of the 1860’s, founded by Cadwallader C. Washburn with the help of his brother William D. Washburn. The Company originally started in what they then called the Washburn “B” Mill. At that time, the building was considered so large many people could not justify this and felt it would not sustain itself. However, less then a decade went by and the company was operating with a new mill called the Washburn “A” Mill after out growing the original.

After partnering up with John Crosby to form the Washburn-Crosby Company in 1877; they had a tremendous accident, the “A” mill exploded killing 17 workers and destroying the building and several nearby buildings. That mill was rebuilt and ran for 90 years.

In 1880 the company is already well known as the Highest Quality product, which won several national awards.

After 60 years of business, the now famous General Mills was created; this was do to the partnership of more then 20 mills. Five months after its inception, General Mills was the largest flour miller in the world, encompassing 27 associated companies in 16 states.

During this time the name Betty Crocker was introduced, this originally just started to answer questions that were sent into the company. It is now one of the most recognized products in the grocery store. General Mills also had several other brands distributed at this time. Including Wheaties and Bisquick.

General Mills also branched into a new market in the year 1924; they purchased a radio station in Minneapolis. One of the programs that were aired on the station was the Betty Crocker Cooking School of air.

On November 30, 1928, the company was listed on the New York Stock exchange.

In the 1940’s the General mills was rewarded with an...

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