General Motors Corporation

General Motors Corporation

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Best Practices Manual for Supervisors
Melody Ann Lovelace
Axia College of Western International University
Supervision and Leadership
Perry Barrett
September 17, 2006

At AbbeyCat Inc., I have been asked to develop and implement a best practice manual for the new supervisors that enter the company. In this manual, I will cover responsibilities of demonstrating communication skills, determine effective orientation and training methods, how to improve productivity for teams, how performance appraisals are to be conducted, resolving conflict when they occur, and improving employee relations. These six elements are a vital part of the supervisor position. So I want to ensure that the new supervisor that enters employment with our organization will have a clear understanding of each and what is expected of them.
Demonstrate Communication Skills

Some will say that communication is being stifled in the modern workplace because of technology like email, internet, etc., because this allows discussion is being avoided on a face-to-face level. The ability to communicate should be a basic building block of an organization. (Sulkowicz, 2006) Communication effectiveness is very important for reasons like as a supervisor you must give direction to your employees, motivate them, retain ideas from others, and there is a need to be persuasive.
As a supervisor you will communicate with employees by either verbally transmitting a message or by writing a message and they will be communicating with a variety of people. So to demonstrate effective communication skills as a supervisor, you need to ask what people already know, do they want to know, at what capacity can they absorb information, what do you want to gain by listening, and are the employees friendly or hostile? (Byars, Rue, 2004)
Good communication involves the ability to listen effectively. By doing this, you will get the information that you need, you can point out problems, and you can...

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