William T. Sherman

William was born on Feb. 8, 1820. He was a business man, educator, soldier, and an author. He was a general for the union army. He served under Ulysses S. Grant. He was in conduct for Indian wars and didn’t want to be drawn into politics. He also wrote memoirs and published them. Sherman graduated from west point. He was stationed in Georgia and South Carolina after he graduated. He was a member of the Whig-party. During the Mexican and American war he was mostly in California territory. Sherman did disapprove of slavery, but was not in the abolition movement. He died in New York on Feb. 14, 1891.

Robert E. Lee

Born in 1807. He was an U.S. army officer and an engineer. He was a descendent from King Robert the II of Scott land. He Graduated from West Point. In 1838 he took rank into the Mexican - American war. Lee was Repeatly winning battles. He received the bravest of major award for Cerro Gordo. After the war he started with engineering. He made his way to Richmond and was in the Virginia forces. He made the highest achievements out of all the generals. He died in 1870.

Ulysses S. Grant

Was born on April 27, 1822. Was the 18th president. Gained international fame for leading into the American civil war. He built a strong republican party in the south. He also reduced violence like the Ku Klutz Klan. In the Mexican and American war he served under Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott. He took part in the Resaca de la Palma, Palo Alto, Monterrey, and Vera Cruz. He was almost killed by a Mexican walking up behind him, but some shot at the Mexican before he could to grant. He was a close observer for war and wrote memoirs everyday. He died on July 23, 1885.

First Settlers of Texas
Thanks to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803; the Americans traveled into Texas. They settled right along the red river. At the time of the purchase Texas was still Spanish territory. The Americans crossed the red river and built their settlement in...

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