Genesis Reflection

Genesis Reflection

Genesis 25:24-34

To what lengths, will we go to get something? The bible shows how mankind has a nature in which we are very competitive creatures, incredibly dynamic and unpredictable, and, considering certain situations, willing to rise against our own blood to gain something or merely prove a point. Jacob deceiving his older brother Esau for his birthright is the perfect example. My own brother opened up a great opportunity for me to gain something. When our desire is strong enough, we’ll step over anyone to obtain it. Opportunity is everywhere and we are so unpredictable that we must have vigilance at all times lest we deceive or be deceived ourselves.

My older brother’s weakness and fatigue allowed me the perfect opportunity to pounce in a situation quite similar to the account of Jacob and Esau. My brother had come home in the evening from working with my uncle to help renovate our cottage up north, along the way home, he stopped off at his friend’s to party, coming home too fatigued, weak, and drunk to say or do anything. He then asked me if I could go to Mc Donald’s for him and get him food, I told him, ‘Richard, I’ll do it if you if you give me your Xbox 360!’ and after repeatedly asking he finally gave in on the condition that I wouldn’t tell our parents that he got drunk, so I went into his room, took his Xbox, and his games, and then bought his meal. The next day he came back into his senses and approached me about the Xbox, and I all too quickly reminded him of our agreement and how it would “really be a shame if mom and dad found out about how Richard got drunk”, rather flustered and stuck, my brother walked off mumbling and cursing under his breath.

The deception of Esau at the hands of Jacob from Genesis 25, describes the account of Jacob and Esau, the latter being the elder, and how Jacob, using the situation of his weakened brother to his advantage managed to obtain Esau’s birthright (the right to be called first born and all the...

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